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Intro To Self-Awareness

Take the first steps into learning about self. It starts with awareness. Then love and care for self will flow in mind and soul.
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What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

This course is an introduction to Self. Many people go through life caring for others and ignoring their own needs. This course encourages one to take a moment, a breath, and learn how to care, love, and enjoy self. 
Throughout this course you will discover how:

  • Become aware of sensations of the body and mind.
  • Open the mind to welcome feeling.
  • Introduce the concept of love.
  • Learn to welcome love for self.
  • Make time for maintenance.

Carmita Smiles

Yogini, Naturalist, 
Wellness Coach
A naturalist and animal advocate encouraging connection with self, others, nature, and earth.

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Course reviews

Carmita's course offers an easy open-minded introduction on how to love self. Whether connecting with self for the first time or again. It's a lost art- found. 
Celina M.
Client and Runner
LearnWorlds makes Carmita's course easy to follow. The course itself is a breath of fresh air.
Rebecca T.
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